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Quizzes and Celebrations of Knowledge

Honors GST: Chapter 2 Celebration of Knowledge on Thursday 09/28/2017

Honors GST: 3.1-3.3 Quiz on Wednesday 10/04/17

Honors GST: 3.4-3.5 Quiz on Tuesday 10/10/17

Honors GST: Chapter 3 Celebration of Knowledge on Tuesday 10/17/17

College Algebra: Module 1 Celebration of Knowledge on Thursday 09/28/17

AP Calculus: Chapter 2 Celebration of Knowledge on Thursday, Friday, and Monday 10/12, 10/13, 10/16/17

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For each class this website will have information about assignments, quizzes, and celebrations of knowledge.  It will also have links to help you solidify your understanding of the concepts of a chapter.  I hope that you will utilize the contents of this website as well as all the resources available to you to make yourself the best mathematician possible.

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