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Posted Date: 09/15/2016


Andover Central High School has implemented Ramp Up To Readiness during the Wednesday seminars on non-club days.  Seminars have been reorganized into grade leveled groups which enable seminar teachers to tailor activities designed to enhance college and career readiness standards for our students.  Ramp Up To Readiness is a college preparedness program designed to help middle and high school students succeed at the next level.  The University of Minnesota developed this research based program.  Ramp Up to Readiness focuses on academic readiness, financial readiness, admissions readiness, career readiness and personal and social readiness.  Area employers have indicated that employees lack some of the soft skills such as perseverance, problem solving, communication and collaboration skills which are needed to be effective employees.  Ramp Up to Readiness will help our students develop the skills and traits to be successful after high school and it will provide our students the opportunity to focus on their individual needs.  Students’ will have the time to reflect and plan for their futures and research careers that may be of interest prior to starting college or joining the work force.  Please discuss with your child what they are learning about in the Ramp Up program.  For more information feel free to visit                                                                                                       

*Ramp up to Readiness was created by the University of Minnesota College Readiness Consortium

Click to view the description of the 5 Pilars that make up the program mentioned above:


Below are the planned activities for the next 4 sessions:

9th Grade Activities

9/14/16-Why Post-Secondary Matters & Importance of Attendance

9/21/16- Taking the Personal Readiness Evaluation for Postsecondary (Prep)

10/5/16 – Analyze Individual PREP results

10/12/16 - Understanding Smart Goals


10th Grade Activities

9/14/16 – Cornell Notes (Record, Reduce, Recite, Reflect, Review)

9/21/16 – Introduction to Design thinking (problem solving)

10/5/16 – Design Thinking in Practice & Using Design thinking

10/12/16 – Design Thinking in School


11th Grade Activities

9/14/16 – Taking the Personal Readiness Evaluation for Postsecondary (PREP)

9/21/16 – Scoring and Reflecting on PREP

10/5/16 – Could You Resist a Marshmallow (Delayed Gratification?)

10/12/16 Develop a Strategy for Delaying Gratification


12th Grade Activities

9/14/16 – Senior Fall To Do List

9/21/16 – Winter, Spring & Summer to Do List & Why college matters

10/5/16 – Choosing Colleges & Developing Resume’s

10/12/16 – Completing College Apps, Grants and Scholarships

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