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Kenneth Tysick
Band Director

Kevin Brightup
Band Director

Alex McMahon
Band Director



ACMS 7th and 8th Grade Bands

Pioneer League Music Festival 2018- April 25


Dear Band Parents and Students,

The Andover Central Middle School 7th and 8th Grade Bands will participate in the Pioneer League Instrumental Music Festival on Wednesday, April 25.  The Festival will take place at Mulvane Middle School in Mulvane.   Students will be transported by bus to and from the festival during the school day.   

All 7th and 8th grade band students will leave from ACMS at 7:00 AM.  The band room will be open at 6:45.   The 8th Grade Band will perform at 8:40 and the 7th Grade Band will perform at 11:20.  Students will need to wear their black band shirts, khaki pants, and dark dress shoes.  We have various 7th and 8th grade solos and ensembles throughout the day beginning at 8:20 AM.  Please see the schedule on the back for specific times of all events. 

All of the 7th grade students and most of the 8th grade students who are not involved in afternoon solos/ensembles will leave Mulvane at 11:45 to return to Andover.  They will eat lunch at ACMS.  Any remaining 8th grade students will need to eat lunch at Mulvane.  (8th grade students will receive a list indicating their return time).  They will need to bring $5.00 to purchase lunch items (burgers or pizza) at Mulvane. They may also bring their own lunch if they prefer.  All afternoon solo and ensemble participants will depart from Mulvane at 1:45 PM.   

It is very important that we have every student on time and participating on April 25th.  We have worked hard on preparing music and it will be important to the whole group for each individual to do their part.  Parents are welcome and encouraged to come and watch.  Please contact us if you have other questions.

Kevin Brightup                                                  Kenneth Tysick                                     Alex McMahon

brightuk@usd385.org                         tysickk@usd385.org                    mcmahona@usd385.org


Time Solo/Ensemble Name   Room
8:24 Josef Haenggi French Horn 2
8:25 8:40 Performance Andover Central (8th) - Brightup  
8:30 Grace Schaefer Flute 2
8:36 Savannah Weidler Clarinet 2
8:42 7th Gr. Sax. Ensemble Saxophone 2
8:48 7th Gr. Brass Ensemble Brass 3
8:54 7th Gr. Percussion Ensemble Percussion 3
9:00 7th Gr. Flute Ensemble Flute 3
9:24 7th Gr. Clarinet Ensemble Clarinet 1
9:30 7th Gr. Trombone Ensemble Trombone 1
10:42 Avery Brass Quintet Brass 1
10:48 Rerick Clarinet Quartet Clarinet 1
10:54 Byun Brass Quartet Brass 1
11:00 Dower Woodwind Trio Woodwind 1
11:05 11:20 Performance Andover Central (7th) - McMahon  
11:06 Terrell Flute Ensemble Flute 1
11:42 Anoushka Raju Flute 3
11:48 Acosta Woowind Quartet Woodwinds 3
11:54 8th Gr. Percussion Ensemble Percussion 3
1:18 Caroline Dower Flute 2
1:24 Lett Trombone Trio Trombone 2
1:30 Jun Byun Trumpet 2
1:36 Jamie Ownbey Tenor Sax 2
1:42 Neal Dennett Marimba 2


Andover Central Middle School Band

2017-2018 Schedule of Performances

Saturday,  September 30                    Greater Andover Days Parade for 7th and 8th grades 

9 AM- 12 PM


Saturday,  November 4                       *KMEA District VI Honor Band for selected  8th grade

 8 AM- 6 PM at Andover Central High School

Thursday, November 9                       ACMS 6-7-8 Band Concert

                                                                 7 PM at ACMS Gymnasium

Saturday,  November 11                     *Pioneer League Honor Band for selected 7th and 8th grade  8AM to 5 PM     at  Clearwater

Monday, November 20                       Night of Jazz-  7-8 Jazz Band Concert

                                                                              7PM at ACHS Auditorium

Saturday,  February 10                       *Southern Plains Honor Band at Andover for selected

 5-6-7 grades   8AM- 8PM at Andover Central

Thursday,  February 15                       ACMS 6-7-8 Band and Jazz Band Concert

7 PM at ACHS Auditorium                              


Friday,  February 16                            Friends  Jazz Festival   Jazz Band    All Day

Wednesday,  April 25                          Pioneer League Band Festival   7th & 8th     All Day

                                                            @ Mulvane

Saturday,  May 5                                 *Frontier City- Heartland Music Festival    

                                                            7th and 8th Grade Bands- All Day

Wednesday,  May 16                          Spring Fling Concert for grades 5-6-7-8 at ACHS

Tuesday,  May 22                                8th Grade Celebration       8th Grade Jazz Band plays


   Performances are required and are an important part of the student’s grade.

* Denotes optional participation or select groups. 


17-18 ACMS Band Handbook


Remind101 ACMS Band Announcements





***Practice Cards***

Students are expected to practice at least 60 minutes per week (10 minutes six times per week works great!). Please make sure your child is practicing the necessary amount of time, and completing their practice cards accurately. Practice cards are due every week and must be signed by a parent/guardian, even if it is for zero minutes. 

Grading of Practice cards:
60+ minutes: A
40-59 minutes: B
20-30 minutes: C
0 minutes but signed: D
0 minutes, no signature: F



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