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Modern World History Syllabus


In this course students will gain an understanding of World History from a variety of contrasting perspectives.  Making a connection between current events and historical events will be an important part of the course.  Study will also include not only traditional historical events and sequences but also study of political, economic, social and religious aspects of history.  Students will be expected to stay abreast of current events and bring topics as well as materials (newspaper articles, news clips etc.)

  1. REVIEW:         overview of Ancient world history with focus on:
  1. Greece
  2. Rome
  3. Transition to the middle Ages
  1. Renaissance/Reformation
  2. Enlightenment
  3. Age of Exploration
  4. Social/Industrial Revolutions
  5. Imperialism

Graded Activities of Class:


Tests will be given at the end of most units and will make up a great portion of the overall class grade that you will earn over the course of the class.  If you miss the date of a test, the makeup test will differ from standard test. 

Major Projects

There may be opportunities throughout the year to work on special projects that will enable you to create a variety of papers, presentations and artwork.  Handouts at the beginning of the project will explain goals and point values of projects.  Group work will be graded both on group level and individual level.  *


There will from time to time be small quizzes to check understanding of reading assignment, class discussions or other materials.


It will prove very critical to keep up on homework as the year progresses.  Unless otherwise instructed, homework assignments are due the following day at the beginning of the class period

Late work (Late Pass)

will be accepted only once per Semester.  Students who are absent, for whatever reason, are responsible to get assignment when they return to school.

Class Participation

It is expected that everyone will make a serious effort to participate appropriately in class and group discussions. 

* Projects or tests that students are aware of ahead of time will be due the day they return from absences.  If a review was missed, student will take test upon returning unless new material was introduced.

            Class Guidelines

Be respectful of one another

No food or drink allowed in class other than water bottles.

Head must be self supported at all times.

No backpacks/purses etc. on desk

Tardies and bathroom passes:         You are allowed one tardy without detention being given. You should be in or near your desk and getting ready for the class to begin when bell rings.  Bathroom passes count as tardies and phones are required to be given to me as a pass.

*** NO ELECTRONIC DEVICES unless I have given special permission.  (30 minutes and I will take the device and turn in to office.)***