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World Geography



Welcome to Geography!  This is an exciting course in which students will have the opportunity to explore and gain an appreciation for the world.  It will be a fundamental aspect of this class for students to see the connections being made between the various aspects of geography and how they impact the world (even people in Andover Kansas). 


Course Curriculum Benchmarks (things we’ll do)

Benchmark 1- Maps and Locations:  Students use maps, graphic representations, tools and technologies to locate, use and present information about people, places and environments.


Benchmark 2-Regions:  Students will analyze the spatial organization of people, places and environments that form regions on the earth’s surface.


Benchmark 3-Physical Systems: Students will understand the earth’s physical systems and how physical processes shape the earth’s surface.


Benchmark 4-Human Systems: Students will understand how economic, political, cultural and social processes interact to shape patterns of human populations, interdependence, cooperation and conflict.


Benchmark 5-Human-Environment Interactions:  Students will analyze the effects of interactions between human and physical systems.   


World Geography Course Outcomes (what you’ll leave here able to do)

  1. Analyze the physical and human characteristics of places and be able to differentiate between the places.
  2. Make educated predictions and draw conclusions about future problems economically, politically, environmentally and socially throughout the world. 
  3. Construct mental maps and be able to arrange places in relation to other locations. 


Units Covered

  1. Latitude/Longitude, absolute and relative locations, the 5 Themes of Geography
  2. Political systems and benchmarks 3, 4 and 5
  3. World Cultures, 6 Components of Culture
  4. Latin America
  5. Europe
  6. Africa and SW Asia
  7. East Asia