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All-State Choir KMEA



Audition Dates:

  • KMEA District/All-State Choir Auditions: Saturday, November 2, 2019 at ACHS

*Student's audtitioning for KMEA, please use the mp3 practice files below, they will be a HUGE resource for you as you prepare for you audition on Nov. 4th.


High School KMEA audition music mp3 Practice Files: 

Treble Tracks: 

Bass/Tenor Tracks:

Repertorie List:


High School KMEA Audition Music Recordings:

Joy, SATB, arr. Heruth:

Exsultate, SATB, arr. Narverud:

I Want To Die While You Love Me, SSAA, arr. Powell:


KMEA All-State Workshops:

  • Friday, October 11, 2019, Wichita State University All-State HS Choir Workshop 8:30am-3:00pm


KMEA Rehearsal Schedule (7:15-7:45am at ACMS two weeks before auditions):

Monday: Bass

Tuesday: Baritone

Wednesday: Tenor

Thursday: Alto

Friday: Soprano



What is KMEA All-State Choir?

A: KMEA All-State Choir is a choir that performs each year at the annual Kansas Music Educators In-Service Workshop at Centruy II Convention Center in Wichita, KS. Students are selected via a rogorous audition process that starts at the district level (Andover Central is part of the South Central District, with auditions held at ACHS). Students wit hthe top audition scores in each audition room and who preform at the district level are then eligible for selection to the All-State KMEA Choir. Thus, the All-State student musicians selected are truly "the best of the best" in the state of KS.

How will I prepare for my audition?

A: If you are seriously interested in auditioning for KMEA, talk to Ms. Miller and she will provide you with music. Once you have your music the best way to prepare would be practicing with the KMEA mp3 practice files above on-your-own at home. There is also morning practice from 7:15-7:45am, for those looking to be thoroughly prepared at ACMS two weeks before the auditions! (Those auditioning on Bass part rehearse Monday, Baritone Tuesday, Tenors Wednesday,  Alto's Thursday and Soprano's on Friday). If you cannot come in the mornings, but would like help with your music, simply arrange a time to meet with Ms. Miller during seminar.