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Intro to welding

This class is centered around exploring three types of welding: Arc, MIG, and Oxy/Fuel.  Students will spend approximatly three weeks in each area practicing basic welding skills.


Students are required to provide the following safety equipment:

Safety glasses, no dark tinted lens

Long pants and long sleeved shirt, preferably 100% or mostly cotton material

Closed toe shoes, no sandals, flip flops, slides, or sock-like shoes

Optional items include:

Leather work gloves

Welding Helmet (these will be provided for students who do not have their own)

Welding gloves (these will be provided for students who do not have their own)

Cap for wearing under helmet


The following is a list of the assignments done in the first five to six weeks of class before the lab work starts:

Chapters 1, 2, and 26. Thsese are handouts copied from a workbook. 

Handtool test Test is identification with a given tool word list.

Safety test Test must be passed with 100% or instructor approval.

Additional assignments may be given throughout the semester, on days of my absence, and will be various chapters from the textbook workbook.