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Advanced woodworking


Project grading rubric

All students will be required to build a project.  The project must have a door, drawer, or combination, or show advanced joinery, planning, and involving a higher skill level than the intro class.  The project will be made throughout the semester and must be completed by the end of the semester.  All projects must be approved by the instructor.  All solid lumber needed for projects will be supplied by the school, but other arrangments can be made by the student to obtain the needed lumber.  All plywood and hardware must be supplied by the student.  All project fees and class fees must be paid before the project will be released to the student. 

The following is a list of the assignments done in the first two to three weeks of class before the lab work starts:

Plans for project work. These must be approved by the instructor.

Bill of Material

Safety tests  Four tests covering: General Safety (1), and Machine Safety (3)   Must be passed with a 100% or instructor approval.

Safety Rules