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Scholastic Art Awards

Scholastic projects due tomorrow  Dec. 18

Claire Davidson            Painting                        The Color of Sadness       HM                                                                                                                                            

Claire Davidson             Painting                       Jared Padalecki                HM                                                                                    

Cortnie Golden             Photography                 Sabina                              HM                                                                                

Jessica Gulaskey         Drawing and Illustration              Scuba Diving                  HM


Noelle Schumann        Painting                                       Numb                              HM                                                                                               

Sabrina Tallberg           Painting                                       Rainy Days                     HM                                                                                          

Noelle Schumann          Painting                                     Shed Light                  Gold Key                                                              

Noelle Schumann          Painting         Apprehension in the  Inevitable             Gold Key.                                                   

Brynn Ferguson              Drawing and Illustration          Moose                           Silver Key

Brynn Ferguson             Drawing and Illustration             Enjajaja                      Silver Key                                                                                                      

Cortnie Golden             Photography                  Lover's Shadow                       Silver Key                                  

Cortnie Golden           Photography                         Prism Sea                      Silver  Key                                                                  

Jessica Gulaskey            Drawing and Illustration         Golden                      Silver Key                                                                                 

Alessandra Lenzi             Drawing and Illustration         Grand-mere                Silver Key                                                            

Rachel Park              Drawing and Illustration       Echoes of the Musician        Silver Key                                           








Sara Towns  Charcoal    Silver Key:

Sara Towns Charcoal and colored Pencil

Savannah Redfern Charcoal  Silver Key

Savannah Redfern   Charcoal   Silver Key

Krissy Navrat     Acrylic Painting           Honorable Mention

Sydney Black    Pencil        Sivler Key

Thomas Giebler    Acrylic     Honorable Mention

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