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Adrienne Stenholm

Welcome to my online classroom. Please note that the syllabus for each class this semester can be found using the Class Syllabus Information link.  There is also a page where you will be able to find weekly lesson plans and announcements throughout the year.

Concurrent BCC classes...

Composition I has an online book that is covered as part of the fees for the course. Students will be able to obtain a hard copy and digital copies of readings. Copies of the book can be obtained at the BCC bookstore (the 5000 building on 13th Street in Andover is the closest) with a class schedule.

For 2nd semester Comp II:  

Comp II is also moving to an online book that is still being completed. As of right now, it is set to be complete for the spring 2020 semester. This book will also be covered by the course fees.




Adrienne Stenholm

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