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Kara Belew

Parent-Teacher Conferences are the evening of October 28 (5-8 pm) and all-day October 29 (7:30 am – 11:30 am and 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm). Please sign up using the link below.

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Welcome to my online classroom!!

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Links to Google Classroom Pages – Fall 2020
1st     U.S. Government
2nd    PO 141 American Federal Government – This class uses Canvas through BCC. 
3rd     U.S. History
4th     U.S. Government
5th     Plan
6th     U.S. Government
7th     U.S. History

My name is Kara Belew and I am your instructor for this course and with me in the picture is my fiercely loyal Silky Terrier named Toto. (When your family has been in Kansas for over 7 generations and you have a dog who looks like this, you have to name him Toto!) He is wonderful at entertaining me, making sure I get some exercise and being an early warning system in the house. He enjoys chasing squirrels and rabbits and sleeping on the softest thing he can find.

I grew up south of Eisenhower National Airport in southwest Wichita and my parents still live in that house. I went to Haysville schools. I have one brother and he and his wife have two sons, one is a freshman in college and one a junior in high school. They live in North Texas. I very much enjoy watching them grow into amazing young men personally, academically, and on the football and baseball fields. 

Spring of 2018, I had an unexpected experience of being a "host mom" to a wonderful young lady from Italy. Janica and I still message each other daily and call when we can. She is in college to be a teacher at the University of Ferrara (established in 1391) in Italy. Currently, I am working on a doctorate in Educational Leadership at Kansas State University.

When I am not teaching, I am either studying for my doctorate, volunteering in the community with Junior League of Wichita, P.E.O., Hugh O'Brian Youth Leadership (HOBY), or supporting K-State! I love college football and have season tickets to cheer on the Cats! In quieter moments, As a self-avowed Social Studies nerd, I love what I get to do every day -TEACH!!!

Family time is important to me although time is limited with my doctoral program. When I am not teaching, preparing, or grading for school, I am researching and writing my dissertation. In the gaps, I like to work in my flower and herb gardens, cook (especially new pasta recipes), learn Italian, hang out with friends and family, going to classic car shows with my parents and their 1960 Chevy Impala Bubbletop and read for pleasure. My dog Toto makes sure I get some exercise as well.

This past year, I had the privilege of being a member of the 2020 Kansas Teacher of the Year team. As a Regional Finalist, I traveled with the others to visit pre-service teachers at the colleges and universities here in Kansas as well as the 8 school districts of the 7 finalists (Stef Lane, Shawn Hornung, Julie Loevenstein, Lara McDonald, Amy Hillman, Melissa Molteni, and I) and the Kansas Teacher of the Year (Tabatha Rosproy) who is now the National Teacher of the Year. We represented teachers at the State Legislature, the Kansas Board of Education, professional conferences, and other events. I have a few more events to attend this fall but will not be gone too many times. 

My students are, and always have been, my “kids” and I invest much of who I am into them to help them become who I see they can be tomorrow, not just who they might be right now. Each of you has great potential, ask and I will help you find it!! This is my 24th year to teach and my second year with Butler Community College. This course has many objectives and I believe it is part of my job to get you ready for the next phase of your education while learning why being an involved citizen is critical to the future our great nation.

Success in this class comes from keeping up with class readings, assignments, quizzes, projects, and ensuring you are ready for tests. This is a college class and should be taken seriously. I will do my best to help if you need it, just ask. 

I ask that you log into Canvas daily and will do so as well. Grades are posted as soon as possible. Please make sure your notifications are on as I will posting announcements with helpful homework hints, changes to the class, etc. It is your responsibility to read these as they are posted. I will do my best to answer all emails within 24-48 hours. My office hours will be 5th Period and before and after school and by appointment.

U.S. History, U.S. Government, and AP U.S. Government and Politics

Assignments, projects, class activities, and more are described in detail on the Google Classroom corresponding to your student’s class. Grades will be recorded in PowerSchool. This course uses a textbook checked out from our ACHS library. For PowerSchool passwords, contact the main ACHS office.

U.S. History Syllabus       

U.S. Government Syllabus

AP U.S. Government and Politics Syllabus

PO141 American Federal Government – Butler CC Dual Credit

This course is taught through an online textbook purchased online or with an access code purchased at the BCC Bookstore. Due to the online nature of assignments, quizzes, and all other assignments being turned in through Canvas (sort of Google Classroom for Butler), the grades for this course are recorded within Canvas. Your student will need to give you access to that grade book by sharing their passwords. No grades will be recorded in PowerSchool until after finals and a final grade for ACHS credit will be recorded. 

PO 141 American Federal Government Syllabus


Kara Belew

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