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Kara Belew

Welcome to my online classroom!!

U.S. History, U.S. Government and AP U.S. Government and Politics

Assignments, projects, class activities, and more are described in detail on the Google Classroom corresponding to your student’s class. Grades will be recorded in PowerSchool. This course uses a textbook checked out from our ACHS library. For PowerSchool passwords, contact the main ACHS office.

PO141 American Federal Government – Butler Community College Dual Credit

This course is taught through an online textbook purchased online or with an access code purchased at the BCC Bookstore. Due to the online nature of assignments, quizzes, and all other assignments being turned in through Canvas (sort of Google Classroom for Butler), the grades for this course are recorded within Canvas. Your student will need to give you access to that grade book by sharing their passwords. No grades will be recorded in PowerSchool until after finals and a final grade for ACHS credit will be recorded. 

Please feel free to contact me as well. Looking forward to having your student in the class and working with students and parents for success.   Ms. Belew


Kara Belew

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