Please note that this is the plan for the week. We may be a little ahead or behind depending on circumstances.

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English Review

​-Daily Spark

-Vocabulary and word parts



​-Daily Spark

-Reading practice  and book work


-Daily Spark

-Reading practice and book work


​-Daily Spark

-Vocabulary and word parts


​-Daily Spark—hand in

-Reading practice 


Comp 2

​-Finish review of thesis and body paragraphs from Friday

-Begin brainstorming for infographic assignment

-Questions over 1984 Goldstein book

​-work on infographic information

-work on Goldstein questions


-Last part of 1984 due


-Work on infographics (due next Thursday)

-work on research rough drafts


​-edit/revise research paper rough draft (final draft due Apr. 24