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Honors Algebra 2 Syllabus

Mrs. Peggy Slaten                                                   Andover Central High School                                                                                      2018-2019

Algebra 2 Syllabus

Course Objectives:

This course builds on work covered in previous algebra and geometry classes.  Students will study linear and nonlinear functions (quadratic, logarithmic, and trigonometric), graphing sequences (arithmetic and geometric), direct and indirect variations, matrices and their applications, systems of equations and inequalities, inverses and radicals, basic trigonometry, and polynomials.  Problem solving is emphasized throughout, along with applications to real world problems.  Additionally, many topics will be treated at the theoretical level. 

Textbook:  Big Ideas Math, Algebra 2, A Common Core Curriculum

Materials:  Spiral or bound notebook for homework assignments, Chromebook, pencil, paper, and a graphing calculator (TI-84 Plus)

Grading/Evaluation:  Semester grades will be weighted as follows:

                   Homework            10%                                                                                                                             

                 Quizzes                10%                                                                                             

                 Test                      80%

      The following grading scale will be used:                                                                                                    

                           90 – 100%           A                                   70 – 79%              C              59% and below                  F              

                           80 – 89%            B                                    60 – 69%              D                                                                                           


Students are missing valuable learning experiences when they are not in class.  Especially in math, it is difficult to understand a section unless you have understood the previous sections, so attendance and keeping up with daily assignments is very important

  • All ACHS attendance policies will be followed – see the Student/Parent Handbook for details.
  • If you are absent due to illness or other unforeseen reason, you will receive extra time to complete assignments as specified in the student handbook.
  • If you are absent due to vacation, medical/dental appointments, athletic activities, driver exams, college visits, or any other event which you know of in advance, assignments are due immediately upon your return.
  • If you miss only a review day, you are expected to take the quiz/test as scheduled.


Homework is an opportunity for students to practice concepts that are being taught and is not evidence of mastery, and thus will not constitute a major portion of the grade.  Assignments are posted in class on a daily/weekly basis as well as on my web-site.  Homework will be assigned daily and will be due at the start of the next class period.  All homework will be on-line (the students are still required to write and show their work on paper and turn in to me).They will then input their answers into the computer.  We will try to set aside time to work on the assignment each day.  It is up to the student to use that time wisely.    


There will be weekly quizzes over content in each chapter.  Tests are given at the end of each chapter.  If a student’s first day or only day missed is a quiz/test day, then they are expected to make up the quiz/test on the first day they return to class.  Failure to do so will result in a zero on the test. 

The Road to Success:

Guidelines for the Road to Success

  • A student may use the ROAD a maximum of three times per semester.
  • A student scoring less than 70% on a test is eligible to use the ROAD
  • After a chapter test has been returned, the student has five (5) school days to retake the test.  Student must complete a review assignment prior to retaking the test
  • The maximum score given as the final grade for a test retake will be 70%
  • There are no retakes on quizzes.


For additional assistance, I will be available Monday through Friday before school from 7:30 – 8:00 a.m. or by appointment.  Additional course resources will be posted on my website which can be accessed from the school website.  Go to “Faculty & Staff”, “Staff Directory”, and find my name.

Classroom Expectations:

All students are to be Ready for class, be Responsible for their learning, and be Respectful to others.  Students should remember Jaguar Pride: