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Online Music Theory/Sight Reading Resources

Online Resources

Theses are online resouces our ACHS choir students can use at home or in school to help them increase their music theory, sight-singing and ear training knowledge! In addition to composition, keyboard skills and guitar skills.

Khan Academy “Music Basics” – The basic principles of music are explained in plain language with helpful graphics and live video demonstrations at Khan Academy. If you have ever wondered “How does music work?” than you’ll find answers here. Presented by the All-Star Orchestra music director Gerard Schwarz.

Students may watch and review the videos at home to help them better understand the sight reading and music theory basics taught in class. If you want to become a music wiz on your own in addition to class or if you are struggeling and want to learn how to understand it better on your own, this is how!

Khan Academy Music Basics Lessons Link:


Khan Academy Composing “Masterpieces Old & New” – Discover what makes a masterpiece by learning how classical works are composed at Khan Academy. Music Director Gerard Schwarz explains the history, context and compositional techniques behind famous orchestral works, from Beethoven to leading composers of the present day.

If you are a student interested in composing your own music, this is a GREAT resource and starting place for you!

Khan Academy Composing Lessons Link: “Exercises” – Discover your level of music theory, sight-reading, keyboard identification, fretboard identification and ear training skills with’s exercises and quizzes! If you feel like you have a good handle on what you have learned in Khan Academy, is a great place to test your knowledge. This online resource will help students prepare at home for music theory, sight-singing and ear training assessments throughout the year. Are you as skilled as you think you are? Find out! Exercises Link: Lessons Link: