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Kansas Thespian Conference Information – Jan 9-11, 2019

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Lettering in Theatre at Andover Central High School

In order to letter in Theatre at Andover Central High School a student must either:

  1. Participate as cast, crew (outside of class), and / or orchestra in all shows open to the student body.  This includes main stage plays and student directed one act plays if available.


  1. Accumulate 10 Thespian Points through participation in plays at ACHS as cast, crew, and /or orchestra and/ or serving as a Thespian Troupe #6282 officer and participate in at least 2/3 of the productions in a school year including at least one main stage production.

Students who meet either of the lettering criteria above WILL NOT be eligible to letter if they have:

  1. Quit a show after the cast and crew lists were posted
  2. Been removed from a show
  3. Not completed tech and/or strike hours for any show in which they were involved