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Welcome to Ms. Calven’s Page!

I teach at ACHS and ACMS so there is information here for both. 

     In High School ELP class, students will work on independent projects of thier choice. Some chose to do college searches, scholarship searches, ACT/SAT prep, or learn in an area of interest. They will reflect everyday at the end of class on what they have learned and write a weekly blog post of their progress. Students will conference with the teacher sporadically to check their progress throughout the semester and to receive credit for their reflections. They will also prepare a presentation of what they learned at the end of the semester to share. As these presentations may take a whole class period, students will present them the week before finals. 

   In High School seminar, we will be going through the RAMP curriculum and talk about gifted specific topics. This is a pass/fail class and grades will be given for completion of work. However, as we work on RAMP on Wednesdays only and there are interruptions at times there may not be a grade entered every week. 

   6th Grade Ramp also uses the RAMP curriculum. We will be going through this at a different pace than the other Ramp classes as we will be doing it as a Project Based Learning. Students will create a presentation to share their learning with others. Once students are through the RAMP curriculum they will be learning about gifted specific topics not covered with the RAMP curriculum and as well as independent or team projects. 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me anytime at