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Anna Calven

Welcome to Ms. Calven’s Page!

Fall Conference information:

I will be at ACHS Wednesday evening and Thursday during the day in room 404. Thursday evening I will be at ACMS in room 600. Feel free to visit me at either building at your convience. As I will meet with almost everyone individually by Spring conferences, I will be available by appointment only in the Spring. 


I teach at ACHS and ACMS so there is information here for both. 

    In High School Wednesday seminar, we will be going through the RAMP curriculum and I modify that to be as relevant as I can to the Juniors I have in class. During Friday Seminar, which students need to come to at least 1 each 9 weeks, we talk about gifted specific topics. The students are given dates when each topic is covered and are able to choose which one to come to based on their needs/interest and schedule. 

   6th Grade Ramp also uses the RAMP curriculum. We will be going through this at a different pace than the other Ramp classes as we will be doing it as a Project Based Learning. Students will create a presentation to share their learning with others. Once students are through the RAMP curriculum they will be learning about gifted specific topics not covered with the RAMP curriculum and as well as independent or team projects. 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me anytime at

Anna Calven

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