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Welcome to Study Skills! As you cruise through this course, you will be given opportunities to hone in on your strengths and collect and practice various strategies to make your weaknesses strengths. With each new topic presented, I encourage you to take the time to apply the strategies to your course work in other classes. When you come to a question about how to improve on a skill, but the strategies are not working for you as well as you would like, ask me so we can find a solution to make  your abilities, as a student, be your best with the outcome you plan for. There are many ways to study and improve as a student. It will be well worth your time to become a life long learner! There is true joy in learning. Can you think of a time that you were excited about learning something? I remember going to the zoo with my children and, not only being excited to learn tidbits about the animals that I would not have seen in my backyard, but watching and sharing that excitement.

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