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Allison Craig


My name is Allison Craig and I teach 9th and 10th grade ELA!

This page will be useful for students and parents to:

  1. View the syllabus for their respective grade 
  2. See a projection of weekly lesson plans Click Here

I will also be utilizing Google Classroom in class and the stuents will recieve a link at the beginning of the year. I will post every item we learn, review, etc. in class on Classroom for students to review later. Unless otherwise instructed, all work will be turn in on Classroom.

English 1 Syllabus

English 2 Syllabus

ACHS Plagerism Policy

Sign up for Remind (both parents & students) to recieve text reminders: English 1 & English 2

As the semester progresses, I will be sending out emails to update parents on what we are learning in class. 


Classroom Needs:

  1. Kleenex 
  2. Hand Sanitizer 
  3. Filler Paper (college ruled)
  4. Pencils 


Allison Craig

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