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Butler CC & WSU Tech

Students interested in taking college classes during the school day at ACHS (concurrent enrollment) or off campus during the night or summer (dual credit) MUST meet with their counselor first to discuss the process and obtain the appropriate paperwork.

Current ACHS policy is that if the college course is offered at ACHS during the school year, students are required to take the course at ACHS unless there are schedule conflicts.

To learn more about how/when transfer of credits can occur between institutions, and the various articulation agreements each institution has in place, please visit: 

KS Board of Regents: University and College Transfer Information.

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Students must be considered a sophomore, junior, or senior to enroll in college courses at BCC.

Concurrent courses taught at ACHS: English Composition 1 and 2 (12th grade), American Federal Government (12th grade), Public Speaking (9th-12th grade-typically taken junior or senior year), College Algebra (11th-12th grade), and Applied Statistics (11th-12th grade).

Butler County Community College Website

Butler Application Tips

Course Schedule (search for available classes)
Request a Butler Transcript  (will need to be done at the end of senior year)
Help Desk Number (username & password help): 316-322-3306
Tuition Free Butler Courses for 2022-2023 
More information (ie. course fees) can be found here.
The tuition free courses do not apply to courses taken over the summer. Full tuition will be assessed during the summer.
Technical Education Tuition Waiver—Information regarding classes/programs that offer free tuition at BCC. You can search courses that qualify through the Course Schedule (link is above) and search for schedule type “KS CTE Initiative”.
Placement Test Information:
Testing Center Link (hours, ASSET/Compass information, study guides)

Butler Academies for High School Students—Students attend ACHS for 3 hours (AM or PM depending on the program) and then take Butler classes on a Butler campus for the other half of the day. General Flyer

Butler Tutoring!

Any Butler student, whether you are taking classes within the Academies, as a dual credit class or as a concurrent class can take advantage of their tutoring.

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Students are also welcome to participate in dual classes with WSU Tech either on one of their campuses or online! Although we do not offer WSU Tech classes in our building, students are able to take CATIA and Advanced CATIA at our Andover CAPS building.


WSU Tech Jump Start for High School Students

Checklist to Take Classes at WSU Tech