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Representatives from various universities and military branches will be visiting Andover Central througout the school year.

The calendar shows the college visits which are scheduled for ACHS.

Check back periodically for an updated list of college visits.

You don’t need to sign up for the visits that will be over lunch hour.

The visits listed below will be during Seminar.

Wednesday visits will begin at 10:10 am. Friday visits will be at 9:40 am or 10:10 am.

Students: Click here to sign up.


Lunch Visits from Colleges

College representatives will set up a table in the lunchroom during all 3 lunch periods to visit with students.

Please stop by to pick up helpful information about their school and majors.

Barbizon Natl. Scholarship Program – Tuesday, September 25

WSU Tech – Thursday, October 4

Military Visits

Representatives from the military are here over the lunch hour to visit with you. Check back to see when they schedule visits.

Air Force Reserve 

Air Force


Air National Guard

Army (Sept. 6, 2018)




On-Campus College Visits

Please take time to look at the visit opportunites available at your prospective school(s). Colleges offer many different types of visit opportunities (JR or SR days, multiculutral days, specific major days/events, sophomore events, university open houses, etc). Some of the KS college links are provided here. Please visit with your prospective school to see what opportunities are available.

To go on a college visit, just call the front office like any other absence. The absence will be excused but will count towards your total absences.