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Interested in what exactly the counselors talk to the students about? Check out the information below that is covered with each grade level.  Topics include everything from how to figure out your GPA to how to apply for scholarships and college. Each section is written with the needs of each specfic class in mind.

Presentations and class visit information will be updated as we meet with each grade level throughout the year. 

Counseling Department Timeline and Helpful Information (lists what we cover with each grade level along with helpful high school terminology)

Please visit our Enrollment page to view course offerings for each grade level as well as our enrollment guide and other important documents.

Information For All Grade Levels


Miscellaneaous Information:
Big Future (CollegeBoard website—many resources and information to help students plan for college and a career)
List of KS colleges (including community colleges and tech schools):
Find the Best - website to compare schools (many other topics are available as well)
College Campus Guide--link to BigFuture articles and resources (college visits, timeline, choosing the right college, etc)